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Rosé Bucket List


So it’s summer time. And those who know me, know I love everything about summer… And wine! I have recently got on the “Yes Way Rosé” bandwagon! Now, I could go into the science of rosé, and why you should try it… But that’s why you have Google! Just know, it’s good,  it’s reletively inexpensive and you can drink most rosés with almost anything!

Below are a few rosé wines I’ve commited myself to trying before the summer ends! The ones that are bold I’ve already had…. (Don’t judge me, it took me a longtime to write this) If you try any let me know. Also, if you’d like to try some of the wines that are on ClubW… Here is a link that gets us both a free bottle if you sign up!

  1. Cocomero, Club W (Rosato Tuscato)
  2. Miraval
  3. Notorious Pink
  4. Sofia Rosé
  5. Mainque
  6. White Girl Rosé
  7. Minuty
  8. Montaud
  9. Côte de Roses (the bottle is shaped like a rose)
  10. Summer Water, Club W (I have it, but I’m waiting for something fun before I open it)
  11. Sauvtage, Club W ( I have this one too, again waiting for the turn up!)
  12. Mulderbosch (We have to try this…. Because it’s South African!)
  13. Luc Belaire Rosé (because Ross tricked y’all)
  14. Château de Campuget (drinking this one now)
  15. Whispering Angel
  16. Villa Wolf
  17. Belleruche
  18. Zonin Rosé
  19. Innovac!oń (no that’s not a typo)
  20. Mouton Cadet
  21. Château Montaud
  22. MiMi en Provence
  23. Château Sainte Margureite
  24. Bon Vivant Rosé

Whew….. Who is down to try all 24?? #yeswayrose

***Bonus: Drink Rosé on the beach and GET 👏🏾 YOUR👏🏾LIFE👏🏾!