A Propos de Moi (About ME)

Hey, Im Ari, a 20 something from Chicago. I am a young professional in the mental health field. My education consist of both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work. I am also an Event Planner.  While I am busy making my mark as a Yuppie, I also enjoy Make-Up (lunch breaks = Ulta Run!), Fashion, Werking Out, Event Planning, Hair, Cooking, Reading, Ratchet TV, Coloring, Scandal, Wine, WINE, and other SophistiRatchet activities. My blog is a representation of myself, things I’m interested in, passionate about, things I want to share, or subjects I’m just plain curious about!

You have questions? Comments? Wanna say hi?

Hit me up at:

                       Email: thecurvygirlaffect@gmail.com

  Twitter: @CurvyGirlAffect

Instagram: AriEgotistical

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