What to Pack: All Inclusive Vacation 

At the end of October 2015, I went on a wonderful vacation to Punta Cana, DR. While this was not my first all inclusive vacation, this was the first one I attended with a friend on board! It was so exciting, as my friend had never been out of the country and I was eager for her to experience things like customs, (lol) THE BEACH, the drinks etc. we had a BLAST! There were days we spent being busy, and days we spend doing NOTHING. Either way, there was a great view, friendly people, and good food and drinks… And drinks.

So to be clear, and all inclusive resort includes room, food, drinks, (alcoholic as well as non alcoholic) , as well as daily and nightly entertainment. Most resorts also include non motorized water sports, dance and work out classes, beach parties etc. If you have never been on an all inclusive vacation.. I highly suggest you get to an island of your choice. It’s life changing. Need a travel agent? I know some awesome ones who can assist you with planning, payment plans and group travel! Check them out here! 

While my  well deserved vacation was great, I did find out the hard way some things that definitely need to be packed when going away! This is not a complete list of what to bring with you, but my list of items that are a MUST when going to one of these resorts! 

  1. Sundresses- I’d pack at least one for everyday you are there, it gets hot, and there is nothing like a fresh shower and a sundress. Sundresses are appropriate for almost every occasion on the resort! 
  2. At least 3 bathing suits- My recommendation is a bikini, one piece, and a cute tankini! You want to bring multiple bathing suits so you can rotate them. And give the others time to dry. 
  3. Swim shoes-Because the seaweed is just too much sometimes. 
  4. Swimsuit cover up-What else are you gonna read that book poolside in?? And you can’t go to the beach grill dripping wet lol. 
  5. Bags with longer straps- so I’m totally a satchel and tote kind of girl… But WHO wants to carry a purse around the entire time? Especially since the only time you will really need cash is when you are buying your mom that souvenir she threatened..er asked you about! Smaller bags with long straps are great for the beach, cute for dinner and safe for shopping. They hold the essentials such as lipgloss, debit card and a few dollars. 
  6. Sunglasses- This is almost self explanatory. It’s sunny as hell, bring some sunglasses. Preferably 2 purr (STL accent) 
  7. Incect Repellent – If you have been out of the country, you know this…you are gonna encounter so many bugs, bugs you have never seen, bugs you never thought existed.. Don’t be that Gal that has to buy the $3,000 1oz incect repellent at the gift shop. 
  8. Beach Towel-While the resort does provide you with  a towel during your stay, I found it more convient to bring mine. This way, I didn’t have to worry about bringing a towel key with me when I wanted to go to the beach or pool.  I have a super cute Betsy Johnson beach towel that cost me less than $15. And it’s cute as hell. 
  9. Sunscreen/Aloe Lotion- While I still love a  tan, this combo is an absolute MUST. Whenever I go out in the sun, especially the Carribean sun I make sure I apply sunscreen, and have my aloe lotion near by. I am able to get a nice island tan without burning all of this melanin. 😉
  10. A pair of workout clothes and gym shoes- I didn’t bring any on this particular trip.. But the resort did have several workout classes on the beach, and outdoors to take advantage of. Another Carribean vacation I went on however, I did bring workout wear. It was nice to take some time to myself and work out early in the morning. In addition to working out, you may want to enjoy an excursion that involves zip lining, hiking, or anything else you don’t want to do in a dress and flip flops. 
  11. Standard Cold Meds- Im not sure how common this is…. It it SUCKS to get sick while on vacation! You miss out on so much! Right before I went to The DR, I got sick, and didn’t get over it u til the first day I was there… Then my friend got sick! She was out for about 2 of our 5 days on the island! She tried to still have fun, but felt awful! We then learned our lesson to bring a bottle of cold medicine or even allergy pills. The “24 hour nurse” was crazy expensive! 
  12. Light MakeUp-unless you have something planned that will require an official beat, take as little makeup as possible. Your aren’t gonna want to put your “face on” for every occasion. The most make up I wore was when we went out at night. even then, my light coverage foundation just made me wan to wash my face. I will make a seperate post or video detailing Carribean vacation make up. 😏
  13. Books, Kindle or tablet-Simply because nothing is more relaxing than reading on the beach with your favorite drink. Netflix and Chill (in its literal sense) is even better on the beach!  I have an iPad, so I just bought a few books on my free Kindle app. But physical books are ALWAYS better in my opinion.
  14. Water Bottle/Cup-I didn’t do this, but bringing a water bottle or your favorite cup.. Yes cup. The drinks at most bars are in tiny cups. Providing your own cup not only distinguishes your drink from the rest, it also saves you trips to the bar!

***********Bonus Items***********

Hand Sanitizer 

Barefoot Sandals( look them up, they will change your life)😝😝😝😝😝

So many pair of Old Navy flip flops.. They are 2/$5!!